Nur Afifah bt Mohd Puad (BIEP) 16y/o Singapore n Kuala Lumpur!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Seminggu :DD

Assalamualaikum :D Poasa tak ?
Kaay korang :DD Selamat menyambut ary raya yg tak lame lg :DD
, N Merdeka :DD

Today I'm gonna talk about my BEAR ! <3
, bulan poasa nk cakp pasl buah hati :PP

Dah seminggu tak contact :'|
, tape I pham :DD

He got problem. He need to sttle it
He cannot online. He didn't pay his 'broadband'
He leave me alone. He need tyme to alone.
He make me happy. When he online last two days.
His birthday was Yesterday.

As his GF I supposed first person to WISH his bufday. . 
But, I'm to ego. . 
I didn't wish his bufday. .
I know I'm super duper stupid. 

Dear my Muhammad,
      I'm so sorry. I'm very selfish ryte ? I didn't 
appreciate you ryte ? I'm useless ryte ? I'm very unfit for you ryte ? I always make you worried ryte ? I always make you sad ryte ?

       But dear, did you know I just want make you feel that I need you ? Did you
know how much I need you ? Did you know how important you are ? 

Did you know ? you know that ? you know ? you know ? you don't know ? 
, now you know ! How important you're ryte ? ! okaay ?

        I always DOA for you ! I hope one day we'll together :DD Yes, one week you leave me.. You ! Stupido ! 
bt I still LOVE you ! HAha ! Insyaallah I'll always wait for you ~ 

p/s: Hope korang sabut raya dengan sempurna :DD Biep cuti sehari jee

p/s: Sayngg. . I really appreciate you :DD Insyaallah I sngop lg tgu you :DD